2024 Application Guidelines

2024 Call for Entries

Call for Films


The Ibusuki Film Festival Executive Committee is calling for films to be screened in competition at the 7th Ibusuki Film Festival on Sunday, October 6, 2024.


 All films submitted will be selected and screened as nominated films at the Ibusuki Film Festival at the Ibusuki Civic Hall.

We are looking for creative and original "films".

We will contact you mainly by e-mail. Please be sure to include your e-mail address along with your telephone number when submitting your film. Qualifications: All qualifications and ages are welcome, one film per director. 


Outline of Screening


The nominated films will be screened at the Ibusuki Film Festival on October 6 (Sun.), and the Grand Prix (Gold Ibusuki Award) will be selected by a vote of the festival committee and a special jury at the festival venue. In addition, the Jury's Special Prize and awards in each category (to be determined on the day of the festival) will be selected and presented by the Executive Committee Chairman on the day of the festival, along with supplementary prizes.


Any profile of exhibitors and creators is acceptable. (Students, professionals, amateurs, age, nationality, etc.) However, if your film is in a foreign language, please provide Japanese subtitles. Any genre is acceptable (drama, comedy, animation, etc.). (Drama, comedy, animation, documentary, CG work, etc.)

Works in foreign languages should be accompanied by a Japanese translation. 

Please send us the title of the film, contact information for the director or representative, a brief synopsis of the film, and the running time (length) by filling out the attached application form. ibusukimovie@gmail.com 


How to apply


 Length of film

Please submit original short films with a running time of 29 minutes or less. (5- or 10-minute short films are also welcome.)

Any form of film is acceptable, as long as it is not offensive to public order and morals, including unreleased, independently produced, or commercial films. For the first screening, please make your film available exclusively on Youtube or other video sites and send us the URL of your film.


Here are some precautions

All videos must be shot by a drone with a permit from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and must be legal when shot or edited, such as footage of crowds. Please confirm the following.

Please make sure that the video does not violate the Personal Information Protection Law.

Music must be copyrighted or original.

Entries that have been registered as a specific trademark, or have a product name or title that conflicts with any other trademark, product name, or title will not be accepted.

If your film is nominated, the creator of the film or a person related to the creator on behalf of the creator must be able to attend the 7th Ibusuki Film Festival in order to screen the film at the festival venue and participate in the festival.



 You will be responsible for your own transportation and lodging expenses.

The Ibusuki Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association in Ibusuki City supports the Ibusuki Film Festival, and we will make a tentative reservation for your lodging if you contact them.


We will announce the nominated films in late July. Only the producers of the nominated films will be notified, so please send us your film files in HD or higher quality, the URL of the Ibusuki Film Festival promotional trailer, and stills for screening again.


Handling of copyrights and publicity use of films

The copyrights of the submitted films naturally belong to the filmmakers.

The nominated films will be screened at the Ibusuki Film Festival and their stills or parts of them will be used for publicity purposes in TV, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and other media for the purpose of promoting the festival.


We are looking forward to seeing your passion-filled works.



For those who participate in the Ibusuki Film Festival Competition, we will hold a reception on the day of the festival and provide a free tour of popular sightseeing spots in Ibusuki the following day.


Application period opens Saturday, May 25

Submission deadline Saturday, June 22

Screening of entries: Sunday, June 23 - Saturday, July 27

Nominated entries will be announced in late July.


*There is only a short time between Saturday, June 22, the application deadline, and late July, when the nominated works will be selected, but by closing the application period early, we hope to make it possible for you to come to Ibusuki, at the southern end of Japan, at a low travel cost. We have asked for a hotel that can accommodate you at an unbeatable special price.


The nominees will be invited on a sightseeing tour the following day to popular spots in Ibusuki City, including a sand bath and a Soumen-nagashi (fine white noodles served on a hot spring).


The extra prizes will be Ibusuki's specialties such as Japanese black beef, agricultural products, traditional Japanese sweets, etc., provided by the producers of the products.


We are sincerely looking forward to receiving your entries.


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2024 Application Form
Please send us the title of the film, contact information for the director or representative, a brief synopsis of the film, and the running time (length) by filling out the attached application form. ibusukimovie@gmail.com
2024 Application Form.xlsx
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Saturday, May 25: Call for entries for the 7th Ibusuki Film Festival opens. 

Monday, June 3: Sponsorship application forms open to organizations 

  Saturday, June 22: Call for entries closes  

  Sunday, June 23

Sunday, June 23 - Saturday, July 27: Films will be screened; nominees announced in late July  

  Saturday, June 27: Start of planning and production of print materials. 

  Sunday, June 28: Executive Committee meeting  



Friday, August 9: Poster and pamphlet production complete 

Saturday, August 10 Executive Committee meeting 

 Monday, August 11- Posters and pamphlets distributed 

Monday, August 19 Begin script production 

Saturday, October 5- Preparatory rehearsal 

Sunday, October 6 7th Ibusuki Film Festival opens  

Monday, October 7 Director's tourist visit to Ibusuki

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Ibusuki Film Festival Venue Ibusuki Civic Center


Ibusuki Civic Center, 9300-1 Higashiban, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture



Nearest station:

29-minute walk from Nigetsuda Station [Exit

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