Application Requirements

The 5th Ibusuki Film Festival will be held on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at Ibusuki Civic Hall.

Purpose of the Festival (Outline)


 We will hold the Ibusuki Film Festival in Ibusuki City, a small town at the southern tip of Japan, to screen excellent short films and theater films from all over the country and the world, so that city and prefectural residents and visitors can enjoy one of the best cultures, including theater, art, literature, music, and even modern science, and enjoy the benefits of comprehensive art and culture. We hope to contribute to the society and future of Japan, Kagoshima, and Ibusuki.


We aim to provide a variety of cultural enrichment through films to children, youth, citizens and visitors to Ibusuki City, and to respect diverse values, aiming for a sustainable world in every way.


We aim to provide a guidepost for the elderly to find a place in their lives through films and film festivals, and to return to society with a new sense of values.


We want to revitalize society and the city with the comprehensive value culture of film, and make it a place where everyone, from children to adults, can dream about the future as long as they live.


Children in Ibusuki City live in a town with no movie theaters and are far removed from film culture, so they have few opportunities to experience foreign and Japanese film masterpieces, and it is difficult for them to receive information about them. The generation that enjoyed the three existing movie theaters in Ibusuki wants to experience movies, but it is difficult for them to do so in Ibusuki, where there are no movie theaters. For this reason, we would like to offer new and nostalgic films at the festival for the enjoyment of not only the residents of the city and prefecture, but also for new visitors.


The global Corona disaster has exhausted many people, both physically and emotionally, and the streets of our town, Ibusuki and Kagoshima, are becoming less and less crowded.

 In order to change this situation, for which there is no way out, into something a little brighter and more hopeful, we believe that we need a film culture, both as entertainment and as culture, that will store enough kindness in society at this time and give healing to our town.

For this purpose we believe that we need a "film festival," and we will hold the 5th Ibusuki Film Festival.

The 5th Ibusuki Film Festival will be held on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

The Ibusuki Independent Film Section will call for film submissions and screen them. We are looking forward to receiving original and creative film works.

Application Requirements

Eligibility for Applicants


Only one submission per director is permitted.


Any filmmaker, director or producer will be accepted, regardless of being student, professional, amateur, age or nationality, etc. However, please submit the film work with Japanese subtitles as much as possible if the language is other than Japanese.




Any genre of film work will be acceptable, whether Drama, Documentary, CG, Animation, etc.


 (Running Time)

Must be an independent short film within 30 minutes.

(Short films of 5 minutes or 10 minutes are also welcome.)


It is precondition for the director or a relative delegate to attend the festival if the film work will be nominated.

A covid19-negative certificate is required.


Must pay your own transportation fees, accommodation fees and other fees when you attend the festival.

Ibusuki Ryokan Business Cooperative Association in Ibusuki City is our supporter and both material and moral support may be available from them.



Please send us the director's or representative's contact information, a brief synopsis of the film, and the names of the actors and their roles.

Music to be used must be copyright-cleared or original soundtrack.

Please send us the name of the film, the name of the director, the duration of the film, etc. using the entry form below.

Nominated films will be notified and announced in mid-August. Only the filmmakers of the nominated films will be notified, so again, please send us your exquisite video files in HD or higher for screening. The films will be screened at the Ibusuki Film Festival Short Film Competition.


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